Hopefully cupid will make it to you by February 14.

Gentlemen: we’re just trying to do you a favour.

Ladies: feel free to give him a hint!

Valentine's Day 2010



Our first photo shoot of 2010 was a long, but luscious day(s) stepping out of this world and into a storybook filled with a constellation of whimsical beauty, vintage glamour, flirty innocence, high society chic and dramatic elegance.

Here is a peek at what went on behind the scenes of our campaign shoot on location in Brisbane, featuring our model, Tanielle Davies. She braved bull ants, 38° temperatures and sunburnt feet – and for all of this we are grateful.

The stunning Tanielle is going to be featuring throughout our 2010 campaigns (photography by Mark Edmonds of Mark Edmonds Photography). We believe she captures all that {MBS} represents in this season. She is {m}emorable, {b}old and {s}tylish.

Storylines will see our heroine as the protagonist in a series of scenarios: the disco diva, antique bride and midnight maiden to name a few. She is you. The accessories are the support actress – up for an Oscar perhaps? The peacock fascinator, darkness of the night clutch, goddess chandelier earrings, and bling on bling handbag hooks – fundamental in setting the scene, in setting your style.


tanielle front page clutch

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Expanding our wings…

Our journey first started with handbag hooks only.. A practical and pretty solution to the bag on the floor or on the back of the chair whenever you’re out and about.. After many wines, walks and chats with the gorgeous girls in our world and much inspiration from the feminine things that surround us, we are delighted to launch our new range of clutch handbags, headwear couture and vintage bling jewellery.

These treasures were made with you in mind sculptured by styles, labels and icons we all love.. We are enchanted by Jackie Onassis, everything @ Anthropologie.com, glamorous distinction, the era of art deco, all that shimmers and sparkles, Verve shared with friends, New York in winter, Vogue, Colin Cowie, Mimco, red kissable lips, city lights. And that’s just before 10am.

Whatever your desire, celebrate the pleasure of self expression as you wear your {MBS} creation. Whether it’s brunch on Sunday, a walk in the park, the wedding of the year or just popping out for milk, there has never been a better time for glamorous enchantment, to take the plunge and be yourself.

Looking forward to sharing in 2010 with you!

{MBS} team x

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