I’ve always loved things that sparkle. Sparkly shiny objects. There’s something mesmerising about them. Have you ever made yourself go cross-eyed and stared at something sparkly? If you haven’t, don’t judge, just try. It is seriously mesmerising. Sunlight on water, crystal chandeliers, sparklers, champagne bubbles, the diamantes on my tutu when I was 5 – maybe that’s where it all stems from?

{Simple pleasures} – one of the inspirations of our vintage bling jewellery range.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. That’s so not what we’re about at {Made by Sam}. Take our ‘shine like the stars of the universe’ earrings. They’re $40 right? They’re the shimmer in my workplace most days. So let’s think about cost per wear (my favourite way of justifying many of life’s important purchases). If you wear them to work for 12 months (let’s say), well you’re only paying 15 cents per wear. Bargain of the century!

Moral of the story: Whether you need that ‘oh so expensive designer-look’ piece of bridal jewellery, the perfect headband for the races or a quick fashion fix for that Friday night on the town always give us a visit because you just never know what sales might be lurking round the corner. In saying that, we might just leave our Valentine’s Day sale items up for a bit longer. x