back of card cropped black and white

Please take a moment to consider some of the places you’ve set your handbag down…. Did you see the ABC news piece a few years ago about how disgusting the bottom of your handbag is? I try to avoid thinking about stuff like that because I’m a germophobe, but I admit I’ve allowed that news story play on my mind.
Bottom line? The bottom of your purse is a breeding ground for any and all manner of microbes including — you guessed it — fecal bacteria! With such a cornucopia of microscopic nasties hanging out on the floors, anything you can do to keep your handbag off the floor will help.
Purpose: To keep your pretty girlie purse off the dirty, nasty floor when you’re dining out. It’s also keeps you bag right next to you rather then the back of a chair for thieves to snatch up.
Pros: Cute, Clever, and available in several patterns/colours. Holds up to 10kg. I’ve tested my fully loaded handbag and it has held brilliantly!
Cons: I haven’t found any cons, but if I do, you’ll be the first to know.
Value: Protects your purse and piece of mind; protects your home from germs.