DSC06664I heart my mum – kind of like NYC, but not. So much more though, it’s a different – quiet and excitedly and ever so constant. There’s no one in the world like her (how beautiful is she????). No one can make beef stroganoff quite like her. No one can hug quite like her and no one has better chat about not much at all than my mum. She’s a rock. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her – it’s pretty easy to do as you’ll never meet anyone quite like her. This isn’t the point of this blog, but I couldn’t let this opportunity go without giving her a shout out. Love you Mum!!

Okay, so back to where I was going with this one… Mother’s Day. It’s only a month away, Sunday 9th May team. It feels like we’ve just said ciao to Christmas and sayonara to Easter. Is it commercialised? Yep. Should we show our mums we love them any or every other day of the year? Definitely. Do we? Hmmmm, probably not as often as we should. Don’t get all guilty on me… Just think of it as an opportunity to make a choice either today or tomorrow or on Mother’s Day to do something about it… It’s a day to let her know how much she is appreciated and loved.

You don’t have to spend a bomb to make her feel like the most loved mum in the world.

For example: take our bling handbag hooks.. They’re half price between now and Mother’s Day. They come beautifully packaged already.. Add in a hand written note… Pure gold – tick!
Or, perhaps she’s a bit of a funkster and loves her clutch bag when lunching with the ladies.. Throw in a photo of the kids in there… Done!

Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for your mum sometime between now and Mother’s Day! xx